It's A Boy!!!!

We went to have our ultrasound on monday. Looks like Fisher will be having a little brother! Curtis and I haven't chosen a name for sure yet. We will post more updates and pics later.

Expecting Baby #2!

For those of you that haven't heard yet.... we are expecting again! We have tried to keep it a secret for the most part but now that we have been to the doctors we decided to let everyone know. We are almost 11 weeks along and our due date is June 7th. Fisher is very excited. He will be a great big brother. We will know the sex in about 6 weeks so I will keep everyone posted!

Halloween 09

I am long overdue for an update and I'm sorry about that. We haven't had much motivation to blog lately...But we will try and do better! Here are some pics of our Halloween. I was pretty excited to see what Fisher would do with all the goop when we were carving pumpkins...

Fisher and I went to Pumpkinland with his cousins

Mini Vacation to the Cabin

Curtis and I took a much needed vacation after school up at the cabin. We look forward to having a fun summer with Fisher.
Big Springs
We roasted hot dogs and made smores.

Upper Mesa Falls

Fisher loved his giant bubble baths in the jacuzzi.

Late Easter Pics

Here are a couple of Easter pictures we never got around to posting.

Fisher loved these chocolate marshmallow eggs.